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Clara Tournay

Clara Madeleine Tournay (born in 1996 in France, lives and works in Paris) is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist. Driven by science and spirituality, the artist proposes immersive experiences that lyrically question our conception of the fragility of the world. Constructed as "collections," her series of interrelated works trigger meditative experiences through experimentation with color, light, and matter. By questioning the role of color and light on the perception of reality, her work reconnects us to our sensations atrophied under the weight of a disturbing world.

Winner of the public prize of the 6th edition of the Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne prize for contemporary art, she realized her first solo-show "Echo du disco" at the Galerie du Crous des Beaux-arts de Paris and will be the subject of the duo-show "Espace d'une intimité" with Cham Lavant.

At the same time, she develops collaborations with the young fashion house Kamad, she perpetuates with a performance on textile on the occasion of the fashion week for the collection fall 2023.


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